Entertaining Coffee Ideas for Your Next Event

Coffee has been known for its surprising health benefits and, of course, for its addictive flavor. We see coffee shops, coffeehouses, and coffee bars all over the place and it is a fact that millions of people around the world are consuming it...

Event Theme: Moroccan

From detailed hand-woven rugs to exquisite furniture, Moroccan culture is definitely an inspiration for those that want to bring Ali Baba’s paradise into reality.

Exhilarate Takes Home Two Awards At MPI Orlando's Ignite Awards 2016

Event Theme: Olympics

For decades the Olympic games has served as the leading international sporting event bringing together countries and people alike. With the Summer Olympics right around the corner, an Olympic theme is a unique and lively way to wow the guests at...

MPI WEC 2016


General Session in the round

Spring Themed Promotional Products

Spring is in the air, and we’re here to supply you with promotional gifts fit for the season. There’s no better time to display your company’s logo and promote your brand on fun, new products your guests will love! The following products are some...

Event Theme: Through the Decades

Celestial Themed Promotional Products

If your goal is to leave guests with lasting memories of the fun they shared with your company at your event, our wide range of promotional products provide the perfect memento for guests to take home. Don’t settle for the same old pens and...

Event Design: Desert & Starry Skies

The universe is infinite and unknown. Most of us have looked up to the sky on a starry night and gazed in awe at the millions of twinkling lights. The unknown leaves a lot to the imagination, which inspired us to create a celestial canvas for...

Star Wars Corporate Event Design Inspiration

With the blockbuster release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, new life has been breathed into this franchise favorite. The Star Wars movies have so many memorable characters and elements and there are endless directions in which to take your...

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