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How to Make Your Meetings Green

Although Earth Day is celebrated on a single day, doing your part to take care of the environment is not just a once-a-year event; it’s important to be eco-friendly all-year-round! Here are some fun, simple ways for you to go “green” for your...

Highlights of Pharma Forum 2014

Conference Themes: Building on the Best

This past year, we were asked by one of our clients to design some “out-of-the-box” décor pieces for the stage, as well as the centerpieces and perimeter décor. The theme of the conference was “Building on the Best” and the client asked that we...

Frozen: Creating an Ice Palace

Disney’s Frozen has taken the world over by storm! No, not an ice age, but rather the movie that everyone loves! Frozen has become a great family movie for both children and adults featuring lively animation, adorable characters like Elsa and...

Venue Central: The Dali Museum


Lounge and Listen! Finding the Right Corporate Entertainment for Your Event

50 Ways to Brand Your Conference

Branding your conference is very important if you want to create buzz around your company. On average, men and women each keep about 5 promotional mugs and 8 promotional hats. A branded T-shirt will usually be kept for about 5 years. Promotional...

Out in the Real World: Making the Most Out of Your Conference Attendance

While I was attending UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management, I was taught textbook concepts about the event industry. Now that I have recently graduated and am "out in the real world", I’m discovering that while I had a great,...

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