Celestial Themed Promotional Products

If your goal is to leave guests with lasting memories of the fun they shared with your company at your event, our wide range of promotional products provide the perfect memento for guests to take home. Don’t settle for the same old pens and...

Event Design: Desert & Starry Skies

The universe is infinite and unknown. Most of us have looked up to the sky on a starry night and gazed in awe at the millions of twinkling lights. The unknown leaves a lot to the imagination, which inspired us to create a celestial canvas for...

Gala Reception Themes: Midnight in the Garden

Long Spanish moss dripping from old Savannah trees, morning dew gently caressing the blades of grass, stone statues silently guarding the garden gloriously abundant with overgrown ivy and luscious fauna.

Activating Your Tradeshow to Drive Engagement

It’s that time of the year again; time to come up with the greatest idea on how to increase attendee engagement in your trade show booth this year. How are you ever going to top last year? Whose brilliant idea was it to increase your goals 300%...

Holiday Design: Winter Linen

We recently took a trip to one of our linen partners' showroom to see what the trends and patterns are for the upcoming winter season. The jingle bells are ringing in the distance, and it's time to begin planning for the holidays. [sep]

The Social Shootout: Social Media Marketing Lessons from the World Cup

The Ultimate Event Planning Emergency Kit

Planners, let’s face it, not everything goes according to plan. You never know when you might need extra batteries or glue for a quick fix. The mark of a good event planner is one that is prepared for any situation!

Keeping It Cool

The sun is out and it is HOT; that can only mean one thing… it’s officially summer! Here are a few of our favorite food and beverage ideas to serve at events to keep your attendees feeling cool and refreshed.

Outstanding Outdoor Events - Part 2

Last week, I shared my favorite event décor elements and meeting locations in Part 1. In continuing with our outdoor theme, here are some pro tips on designing for outdoor events.

Theme: Farm to Fork

The refreshing idea of cooking local bought and caught food is a trend that has swept up the events industry. This idea known as Farm to Table, or Farm to Fork as we like to call it, takes organic food and interactive food demonstrations and...

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