Entertaining Coffee Ideas for Your Next Event

Coffee has been known for its surprising health benefits and, of course, for its addictive flavor. We see coffee shops, coffeehouses, and coffee bars all over the place and it is a fact that millions of people around the world are consuming it...

MPI WEC 2016


General Session in the round

Star Wars Corporate Event Design Inspiration

With the blockbuster release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, new life has been breathed into this franchise favorite. The Star Wars movies have so many memorable characters and elements and there are endless directions in which to take your...

Highlights from WEC 2015 - San Francisco!

Our blog recapping MPI WEC is always a hit and it's crazy that it's already October and WEC2015 seems like a distance memory but this will be a true test of event "sticky-ness"

5 Ways to Kickoff Your National Sales Meetings with More Engagement

It’s the beginning of the year and you know what that means…it’s time for corporations all over the world to do their annual national kickoff with their sales teams. These meetings’ objectives are typically to inform, educate, engage and inspire...

Outdoor Reception Themes: Picnic in the Park

For most meeting planners, the welcome reception is pivotal because it sets the tone and energy for the rest of the conference. After a long day of education sessions, I can tell you that attendees will definitely be looking forward to a little...

Gala Reception Themes: Midnight in the Garden

Long Spanish moss dripping from old Savannah trees, morning dew gently caressing the blades of grass, stone statues silently guarding the garden gloriously abundant with overgrown ivy and luscious fauna.

Outstanding Outdoor Events - Part 2

Last week, I shared my favorite event décor elements and meeting locations in Part 1. In continuing with our outdoor theme, here are some pro tips on designing for outdoor events.

Outstanding Outdoor Events - Part 1

Summer is here and the weather is beautiful! Al fresco events can be magical (if the weather cooperates, of course). Let’s put on our “the weather will be perfect” goggles and talk about outdoor events. For more than 16 years I’ve been producing...

Making Transportation Fun!

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